Best Ways to Customize Your Modular Home

Trying to find your dream home can be a tiring process, so if you’re considering building your own home, constructing a modular home could be the right option for you. Modular homes are built off-site, in a precise, climate-controlled facility, so you have more control over the process.

While many believe that modular homes permit only limited flexibility, this is simply not the case. A modular home can be customized in a number of ways, and in this blog post, we’ll discuss the various ways you can turn your modular home into the home of your dreams.


With a modular home, you’re in charge. You get to plan and build your ideal home in the location of your choosing. If you purchase a home that was built beforehand, or you build one on-site, a number of variables can impact the time it takes to construct your home, or the features within the home. This is not the case with a modular home.

When you meet with your modular home builder, you can discuss every interior and exterior aspect and element you want, from the size and number of bedrooms and baths to the homes style.


The first question many homebuyers have is, how much of their modular home can actually be customized? A common misconception about modular homes is that they can only be altered in minimal ways, changing the smallest of elements. However, you can customize numerous elements throughout your modular home.

While there are definitely details that can be customized – such as interior trim, window color, and cabinet species and finish options – many larger elements of the home can also be customized. You’ll be most limited when it comes to the roof lines. Still, you can add more square footage, customize the floor plan, increase the height of the ceilings, or you could add a deck or garage.

The choices are (almost) endless – some of the most popular options are:

  • Increasing roof pitches
  • Adding gables and dormers
  • Exterior trim around windows
  • Quartz countertops
  • Island configurations in your kitchen
  • Wood doors in a variety of profiles
  • And more!


With all the available options, you might be wondering if there’s some sort of catch or drawback to the good news. There isn’t, really. Any customization will cost money, just like they would with a site-built home.

However, one of the biggest benefits of a modular home is that, once you’ve planned your home with all the custom elements you want, most customizations done inside the production facility won’t even add time to your build.. The only exception to this is when customizations are done on-site and by the builder outside the facility, which can add time.


The most important (and exciting) part is that your modular home is yours. With so many customization options, you get to experiment with various colors and finishes, creating an environment that reflects your personality and lifestyle. From there, it will be built to your liking.