The Benefits of Dormers

Design flair, as well as considerable space, can be added to the second floor of a Cape Cod-style home with the addition of dormers. Dormers were originally designed in 16th century Britain to be more than a design feature. They were created for allowing fresh air to flow into a home and illuminate the interior of an attic or loft area. 

Dormers from Hampton Homes come prebuilt from the production facility and are installed by being lifted by crane on-site, during the setting process. Currently, Hampton Homes offers two styles and sizes of dormers for non-habitable 9/12 and 12/12 habitable roof pitches. Dormers come in widths of 5 feet, 9.5 inches or 11 feet, and come in either a gable or shed style.

Adding a dormer is a way to add character and style to a home with the appropriate roof pitch. Dormers give visual interest to an exterior and are a way to attractively break up a long roof expanse.  

One of the more substantial benefits of dormers is that they increase usable space. The interior area behind a typical dormer and window can be used as an alcove for a bathroom, a spot for a dresser, or a reading nook bench.

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